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Welcome to Asbestos Risk Management Services

Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removal in Ballymena, Belfast, Northern Ireland


Asbestos Risk Management Services is a specialist company providing asbestos surveys and asbestos removals with a quality service in all aspects of asbestos surveying and management. We have worked on a wide range of projects from simple domestic properties right through to large complex industrial premises.

Our clients range from private individuals to large companies and organisations.

The nature of dealing with asbestos means there is no ‘repeat business’ as such. However many of our clients who have a continued need to manage asbestos projects return to us on a regular basis to prov

ide this service for them.

We have conducted asbestos surveys all over Ireland and beyond. Indeed our most northerly project was in the Shetland Islands.

As the majority of our asbestos surveys are pre-demolition/refurbishment we have built up considerable expertise in this area. We feel therefore, we are particularly well placed to conduct such surveys.

Whether you have a large housing stock, commercial premises or single property, Asbestos Risk Management Services can advise and assist you to manage your changing asbestos removal needs.

Asbestos Risk Management Services carry out asbestos surveys, asbestos risk assessments, asbestos removal, compile asbestos registers and asbestos management plans for all types and sizes of premises, companies, businesses and organisations.

We can also help to reduce the risks from asbestos by regularly monitoring for any deterioration. Correct management will also minimise the risk of asbestos disturbance by a third party.

At Asbestos Risk Management Services we have extensive experience of partnering and framework agreements with various organisations including local authorities. We pride ourselves on our fast response to customer requirements, safe work practices and professionalism. All staff are fully trained and experienced in all kinds of safe asbestos remediation.